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McLean & Associates

"We're ready to grow; what's holding us back"

"It's so frustrating! Our strategy doesn't seem to be working. We can't seem to ........ (you fill in the blank!)."

"We can't figure out who really makes the decisions."


Every company and organization faces challenges and hurdles. McLean and Associates provides, practical, strategic, concrete solutions to your challenges.

Whether it's helping you to achieve your business or agency goals, strategizing on how to approach government or how to approach a foreign government or market, we use our experience and network of associates to be your problem solvers.

McLean and Associates together have over 50 years experience dealing with stakeholders and decision makers. We will work with you by listening to your needs, assessing your situation and developing a fresh, innovative, winning strategic approach.

McLean and Associates focuses on utilizing our extensive networks and associates to enhance your business effectiveness. Tell us your problem or challenge. Because we have likely seen it before, we can help develop a strategic plan for success.

  • Business Development and New Market Strategics

  • Public Affairs and Public Policy Advice

  • International and Interprovincial Trade Development

  • Stakeholder Relations and Executive Counsel to Senior Management