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McLean & Associates

McLean and Associates
are problem solvers. Present us with your challenge or problem and we have the experience, networks and associates to develop a specific strategy for your company. The Principals are skilled at listening, consulting and delivering specific advice and strategies.

Business Development Strategies:

We listen to the challenges your organization faces and work with you to develop strategies to enhance your business effectiveness and success.

Public Affairs and Public Policy Advice:

Understanding bureaucracies, politicians and the process in which they operate is critical to success in the public environment. We can help to ensure that your case is being heard by the right people, in a timely fashion and that your important project moves to the decision-making point. We can also assist in developing strategy and concrete steps to shape and move public discourse and public debate.

International and Interprovincial Trade Development:

McLean and Associates has extensive experience in working, understanding and delivering in the national and international arena. We draw on our extensive network of Canadian contacts at home and abroad. Navigating through the bureaucracies of foreign countries to achieve your business needs requires the type of experience, determination and networks that we have available to us. We offer real life experience in living and working overseas. Our clients receive our in-depth understanding of different cultures and bureaucratic environs.

Stakeholder Relations and Executive Counsel to Senior Management:

McLean and Associates can help ensure that your firm or organization will successfully manage its diverse relationships with your key players. This is essential to increasing effectiveness and success. The media and “the court of public opinion” can be harsh, ruthless and relentless, or it can provide steps to success for your business or organization. We offer many years of combined experience in political and public life to assist you to get your message out in a proactive way. We will help you to anticipate issues that may become problematic and to strategize core messaging to react to an emerging opportunity or crisis.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – National and International:

“Values” define an organization or company. McLean and Associates works with senior management to see that colleagues are treated with dignity and respect. Honesty and transparency, continuous improvement, environmental responsibility, health and safety of employees, and residential improvement – all are important aspects of building successful relationships.